Prepare Your Bedroom for the Spring Season

Spring season is almost here, which means it’s time to get rid of the heavy duvets and replace them with something a little bit lighter.

The end of the winter season signals the need to give the sleeping areas a refresh in readiness for spring.

Undertaking a spring cleaning project is the ideal way to revive the bedroom and introduce a few changes.

Below are some ideas on how to update the bedroom for spring.

Declutter to Get Rid of the Winter Dust

Clutter in the sleeping area acts as a distraction and can significantly impact your quality of sleep. Schedule a day or two to be spent rummaging through personal belongings and old clothes.

Unnecessary and old items or clothes should be donated or thrown away. Place the seasonal items in storage.

Become Innovative with Textures and Patterns

Refreshing the bedroom ought to include experimenting with new textures and patterns. If done correctly, it can bring about a refreshed look and feel to the sleeping quarters.

Consider revamping the old bedroom chair using patterned upholstery. The throw pillows can also be recovered using bright seasonal fabrics.

Incorporating new textures and colours into the bedroom will bring about renewed energy to the existing décor.

Balance the Neutral Room Colors with a Fresh Burst of Colors

It’s recommended to choose neutral colours for the bedroom and other large-ticket items. As the spring season comes about, the neutrals will provide a canvas to use when experimenting with vibrant accents and fresh colours.

Blankets and pillows featuring fresh hues add a much-needed color pop to the tans, grays, and whites common in the bedroom. Painting a bold shade in a bedroom in need of a fresh coat of paint can also add some excitement.